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RS 2013

If you're headed to Readers Studio, let me know. I'm going, and I'd love to meet with some of my Tarot brothers and sisters.

This website is going to move...

I'm changing hosting servers to give me more freedom in what I do with this website. You may, over the next few weeks, see the site go up and down and gradually change format.

Local Tarot counselor, Carolyn Cushing, is front page news

This week's Valley Advocate (www.valleyadvocate.com) features one of the Many Hands family: Art of Change Tarot's Carolyn Cushing. (www.artofchangetarot.com)

Tarot News: Breakout Forum started on Tarot Law

Ruth and Wald's post-RS 2012 call, May 20, 2012, suggested we gather to build a repository of ideas around "Tarot Law".

I've registered www.tarotlaw.com and pointed it to a new forum, here: Tarot Law Forum. Head over there and REGISTER.

And if you have any problems, all you need to do to get help is to email me:


Mother's Day 2012

a bird builds a nest
pulling feathers
from her own breast
on mother's day

The Empress, The Moon, The High Priestess, The Lovers, Strength

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