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Tarot Tribe & BlogTalkRadio guest on "Tarot Tips"

That was fun! I got to be a guest on Donnaleigh's TarotTribe radio show, doing a 5 minute guest spot. You can listen to it here: Paris on the radio. I'm at the beginning of the show, after the announcements.

I talked about how I deal with one-card readings. I do them for the Free Tarot Network. Sometimes one card can be rich, but sometimes it leaves me feeling a little lost for words.

Here's the example I used on the show: "Shanelle" (made-up name) asks, "Why isn't romance coming into my life?"

I drew the Six of Wands from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

At first, I thought, "Oh, a winner! This is a card of triumph and acclaim. So it must mean that she's going to win in her quest for love." And then I had absolutely no idea what to say or do next.

It was time to cheat and take the card and roll it through the astrological houses. DON'T RUN AWAY! I'll give you a cheat sheet for astrology that will help you again and again with Tarot. Download Paris's Astrology Cheat Sheet.

House 1 (personality) gave me nothing, nor did 2 (possessions) except that I wondered if she liked games. House 3 is communication, and I fantasized what this card would say on an answering machine: "I win and you don't!" That was my first clue.

In the 4th house, childhood/home, I saw a child seeking approval from her mother. Maybe she got it; maybe she didn't.

In the 5th house, sexuality, I saw a couple, each trying to lead on the dance floor. That was my second clue.

In the 6th house, work, I saw a hard worker winning approval from her bosses and getting promoted. No help.

In the 7th house, partnerships, the Six of Wands ran into big trouble...

Here's the reading I put together for her:

Well, dear Shanelle, you’ve got a card for this reading that is a super winner, the Six of Wands. I know plenty of people who would try to bribe the universe to get that card!

I’m guessing that you might be used to winning, too. You’ve got a competitive side that looks as if it should be bringing you lots of success.

In the case of romance, though, it might mean that it’s sometimes a while between “right guys” because you need a special sort of guy. You need someone who is fully your intellectual and energy equal—someone whom you can respect and who will accord you the respect you feel you deserve.

Now here’s the caution: Although being a winner is great, romance is a game that is best played cooperatively. Think of it as a team sport with you playing with your partner against the forces trying to separate you two.

If you try to compete, well, you’ll win. But remember, it’s lonely at the top.

Competition in relationships can be healthy, but when the relationship is just forming, the Six of Wands warns us against being arrogant, being condescending and feeling “above” the other person. All of us want to impress, but that’s different from making the other person feel as if he can’t possibly meet you on equal ground. We’re not talking about silencing yourself here, like one of the women in Tillie Olsen’s book, stifling yourself in order to meet male expectations. We’re talking about trying to use the energy that makes you a “winner” in every way as a tool to forge a relationship. Big difference.

You might have a tendency to want to hang out at your place because you’re more comfortable there. Fight that.

Blessings to you, Shanelle, and I wish you LOVE in your life!