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Jonathan Brielle's Nightmare Alley features Tarot

If you haven't heard about William Lindsay Gresham’s "novel about a con man who becomes obsessed with a carnival sideshow with characters like The Geek, who bites the heads off chickens" then you probably need to get out more.

What you may not know is that Jonathan Brielle has created a musical based on Gresham's novel.

Fascinating life of Eva Petulengro

Reported by the Daily Record's Lindsay Clydesdale, Eva Petulengro, professional Tarot reader, shares the story of her life. Read more here.

TV star checks in with reader

Reported on STV's website, "Katie Waissel treated herself to a spot of shopping while in Brighton for The X Factor Live tour. While pottering around the boutique stores, she also seized the opportunity to take a sneak peek into her future, with the help of a mysterious Tarot reader." Read more on the STV website.

Thoughts about The Tower in face of the terrible tragedy in Japan

Each time humankind has faced terrible catastrophes and tragic losses of friends and family, we have somehow moved onward and begun anew. Some who experience such tragedy respond by moving ahead spiritually, as well.

Yes, I'm going to Readers Studio this year

With the lobbying done by fellow MTS members, I really had to give in, so I'm off to RS in April.

If you're going, msg me at RS NING so we can hook up.

"Electric Tarot" project ends with CD release and tour

"In the spring of 2009, the Baltimore psychedelic soul trio Celebration began unveiling their third album, one song at a time, as part of a series called Electric Tarot," starts this story from Urbanite Baltimore.

List of Tarot Organizations

Aeclectic Tarot
This group earns the number one spot. Their forums are lively, informative, and include postings from some of the world's authorities on the Tarot, as well as discussions that someone brand new to the Tarot would find valuable. If you get a paid membership, access to professional forums and tarot deck trading and sales forums is available. I am "ariostel" there.

The American Tarot Association

"Instruments of Revelation" - a ballet about Tarot Cards premiers

The Chicago Classical Review announced

"On Feb. 27, March 6 and 9 the Orion Ensemble presents the world premiere of a ballet about Tarot cards, Instruments of Revelation, by composer/conductor Victoria Bond. Daniel Duell, founder of Ballet Chicago, has created a solo for each section of the three-part score that portrays the Tarot deck’s Magician, High Priestess and Fool."

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