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I will be presenting at the Massachusetts Tarot Society's monthly meeting in May

Open to anyone at any level of expertise including “I just opened my first Tarot deck”, this workshop will share the results of six months of research into what intuition is, how we can strengthen intuition, what people mean by “psychic” ability, and how we can improve it.

I sent out requests to famous Tarot writers from around the world, and many of them took the time to write back and send us their favorite exercises.

Readers Studio 2011 - a few photos

Click on a photo to see the full-sized version at Picasa.

Project completed - scans done for cards from The Alchemical Tarot

As many of you already know I'm working with Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot as well as my grandmother's old Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud, 1930). I wanted to have scans of the cards done so that if I do an email reading, I can provide a link to the card(s) for the reader.

The scans are done. You can see them here:

The Alchemical Tarot (Renewed)

Pre-Order The Gaian Tarot Today!

If you're looking for a contemporary deck that will be a lifelong tool for healing others and thereby our planet, this is the deck of your dreams. Now is the time to pre-order Joanna Powell-Colbert's Gaian Tarot.

What's the difference between "intuition" and "psychic ability"?

In a discussion recently among Readers Studio attendees, the question, What's the difference between "intuition" and "psychic ability"? came up. One practitioner voiced her concern about declaring herself as "psychic".

Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot (Renewed) - a classic for our age

Every reader has favorite decks. Mine is this one. In 2006, Robert Place and Rosemary E. Guiley came out with a book and deck titled The Alchemical Tarot. Place was not satisfied with the deck's layout, and he had the deck reissued with some modifications (most notably, the removal of the borders). Most, if not all, readers approved of the change to the deck. The Alchemical Tarot (Renewed) became an instant collector's item.

More on tradition versus universalism

This article says all the right things, but is trying to argue all the wrong things:


As long as your name isn't "Carrie"

The Sonoma Valley High Grad Night Committee is seeking tarot readers for their end-of-year bash. (Sonoma Mag)

Trend-versus-tradition battle in Church of England

Closely akin to the Episcopalian churches here, the Church of England is battling to garner new members. Aiming at a younger group, they have opened their doors to events that are frequented by a younger crowd. Sometimes this angers the "traditionalists" in their existing congregations.

82-year old Alejandro Jodorowsky talks of his films and his Tarot

And he's as entertaining as ever...Full story here at the Montreal Mirror.

Jodorowsky's book on the Tarot can be ordered here:

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