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Robert Place, on effecting REAL change through Tarot

These are quotes from a recent podcast by Donnaleigh de la Rose (TarotTribe) on BlogTalkRadio. I took notes and rearranged them for myself, mainly, adding in some text in brackets.

Barbara Moore deserves a hug

Two, actually. One for her kind words about a recent Tarot tip* of mine and a second hug for reminding us all about Donnaleigh de la Rose's "Tarot Tribe" show on BlogTalkRadio.

There have been plenty of great programs on Donnaleigh's show (find a complete list at www.blogtalkradio.com/beyondworlds).

So far, my favorites are these:

Selected passage from Joseph Campbell's The Inner Reaches of Space

In speaking of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Joseph Campbell points out the ability of art to "illuminate the senses, still the mind, and enchant the heart."

It's a passage that is worth reading:

Ego, ergo sum?

Janet Boyer, who is a regular read for me (see her blog at http://janetboyer.typepad.com/), wrote a piece arguing that the ego is a good thing, a sort of "ego, ergo sum" argument. She's right that we need an ego, but which one?

Which one? There's more than one??

Yes. There are two.

The results of a meditation on the High Priestess

Imagine time as a river.
You are in a boat called "Now."
The mast goes infinitely upward and is named "spirit."
The keel goes infinitely downward and is named "instinct."
Ahead, "Future."
Behind, "Past".
No matter where you are on the inexorable flow, the mast is always above and the keel is always below.

Sometimes we touch the keel: grief, hate, lust, fear. Sometimes we touch the mast: love, freedom, peace, hope.
Most of the time we forget the mast and the keel and we think of the river behind and the river ahead.

This card reminds me that I need to remember the Now–the mast and keel.

The High Priestess knows the mast and the keel. Six months in the heavens, and six months in the dark waters. She doesn't know the river at all, and she probably cannot understand us when we speak of it.

It's an imperfect allegory, but it's as close as I can come to mapping out the ineffable that this card conveys to me.

The Astrology Quick Reference Chart

I put together an astrology cheat sheet, a quick astrology sign and house reference chart. You'll find it here:

Tarot Tribe & BlogTalkRadio guest on "Tarot Tips"

That was fun! I got to be a guest on Donnaleigh's TarotTribe radio show, doing a 5 minute guest spot. You can listen to it here: Paris on the radio. I'm at the beginning of the show, after the announcements.

I talked about how I deal with one-card readings. I do them for the Free Tarot Network. Sometimes one card can be rich, but sometimes it leaves me feeling a little lost for words.

Here's the example I used on the show: "Shanelle" (made-up name) asks, "Why isn't romance coming into my life?"

I drew the Six of Wands from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

At first, I thought, "Oh, a winner! This is a card of triumph and acclaim. So it must mean that she's going to win in her quest for love." And then I had absolutely no idea what to say or do next.

It was time to cheat and take the card and roll it through the astrological houses. DON'T RUN AWAY! I'll give you a cheat sheet for astrology that will help you again and again with Tarot. Download Paris's Astrology Cheat Sheet.

House 1 (personality) gave me nothing, nor did 2 (possessions) except that I wondered if she liked games. House 3 is communication, and I fantasized what this card would say on an answering machine: "I win and you don't!" That was my first clue.

In the 4th house, childhood/home, I saw a child seeking approval from her mother. Maybe she got it; maybe she didn't.

In the 5th house, sexuality, I saw a couple, each trying to lead on the dance floor. That was my second clue.

In the 6th house, work, I saw a hard worker winning approval from her bosses and getting promoted. No help.

In the 7th house, partnerships, the Six of Wands ran into big trouble...

Here's the reading I put together for her:

James P. Wells's Tarot for Manifestation

I have two copies of James P. Wells's Tarot for Manifestation on the table to the left of the keyboard as I write this. They arrived yesterday.

The book is stunning.
(See larger image here.)

The cover depicts my "Practices" card from our pre-Solstice meditation/cardwork with Carolyn Cushing: Joanna Powell-Colbert's Gaian Tarot's Nine of Water. It's also a favorite card that shouts to us, "Do divine work."

It's the perfect card to begin the magic.

With real-life examples, James illustrates how to do each of the techniques he offers. "Techniques for what?" you ask. This is a different book! It's for using "the cards to make your dreams a reality."

This is the book that my Tarot friends at the Massachusetts Tarot Society who love to read for themselves and who use the Tarot for personal growth will love. With bright, white heavy stock paper, crisp card illustrations in full color, and a type size friendly to Elder eyes, it's a book designed for use, and that's just what it will get. Modestly-sized at just under 60 pages, the content is rich, with each example an exercise in envisioning and manifesting what we seek in the world. (It's still up to us to be careful what we ask for!)

$19.95 at TarotMediaCompany

Tone Poem for Summer Solstice

after Robert Francis

Say oxeye daisy tansy yarrow orange hawkweed
purple clover Say skipper mourning cloak silver-

bordered fritillary monarch clouded sulfur Say
blue-eyed grass blue toadflax ragged robin rosa

rugosa shinleaf pyrola jewelweed white campion
Say bluebird swallow purple martin Say dragonfly

honey bee bald-faced hornet Say downy brome
curly dock barnyard grass hop clover Say warbler


Magic in fiction is simpler and easier than the real deal

Recently, Karen Rider (Soul of a Writer Blog) wrote a short piece on the literary genre of "Magical Realism." She said that it was based on three tenets:
1. time is not linear,
2. causality is subjective,
3. and the magical and the ordinary are one and the same

These are "fun" but if we're going to actually practice magic, we need to state them more correctly:

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