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Tree Energy Easels for Tarot Cards

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A few people have asked me a bit more about the easel-stand for cards that I mentioned on Donnaleigh's radio blog show.

Between the form and the experience

"The priest presents for consideration a compound of inherited forms with the expectation (or at times, even the requirement) that one should interpret and experience them in a certain authorized way, whereas the artist first has an experience of his own, which he then seeks to interpret and communicate through effective forms. Not the forms first and then the experience, but the experience first and then the forms." Joseph Campbell, The Mythic Dimension: Essays - 1959-1987

The Bindweed Spread

I created a spread based on Joanna Powell-Colbert's Gaian Tarot card, "Bindweed." At card 15 of the Majors, it corresponds to the devil. Here's the image of the card on her website (click to visit her site):

"What is Mother Earth saying to us with her earthquake and her storm?"

With great respect, I submit this view for your consideration:

That Mother Nature does not speak "to" us. One of the great veils we keep in place before our eyes is that we are separate from Her. We do not exist apart from Gaia or the Universe.

When we speak, she is speaking.
When we listen, she is listening.
When she speaks, we are speaking.
When she listens, we are listening.

The "Never Mind" Spell

For the past seven months, I've been practicing a spell on myself. I'm calling it the "Never Mind" Spell, and I'm sure it exists in many forms and maybe even under the same name.

It has two parts, and the second part is tremendously important.

First, the moment that I notice I'm being negative or not paying attention to what is going on right now, I say the words "Never Mind" or I think them loudly.

Robert Michael Place and the Facsimile Italian Renaissance Woodcut Tarocchi

In our lifetime, Tarot has impacted the world as never before. It has been a doorway for many to rediscover the sacred; it has become a tool for personal growth; it has been a path to enlightenment.

Many minds have been responsible. It is nearly irresponsible to try to single out any one or even a few, but in my view, Eden Gray, Mary Kay Greer and Rachel Pollack are at the top of the list.

INNERVIEW: Joanna Powell Colbert and The Gaian Tarot (with Carolyn Cushing)

Originally printed in Many Hands, A Magazine for Holistic Health, reprinted by permission:

I attended the 2011 (Tarot) Readers Studio at the end of April 2011. A longtime interest in Tarot led me to sign up for the three-day event in New York City, and I met Joanna Powell-Colbert there. A member of the local Pioneer Valley group, The Massachusetts Tarot Society, Carolyn Cushing (Art of Change Tarot) also made the trip to N.Y., so I asked her if she’d participate in the INNERview as well. Carolyn has been using Joanna’s Gaian Tarot from its publication in March 2010. -- Paris Finley

PARIS: Joanna, you’re a successful, internationally-known artist already, famous for your work. You didn’t really need to put yourself through the long hours and hard work involved in researching and creating a Tarot deck. Whatever possessed you? Did you have some connection to Tarot before the idea of the deck entered your thinking?

JOANNA: “Whatever possessed me?” Good question! Sometimes throughout those nine years of working on the deck, I really did think I was possessed. Or crazy.

But the truth is, I felt like I had a mandate. I was called to create the deck. I couldn’t not do it.

I first started studying Tarot back in college in the early ’70s. I took a detour for a decade or so as a born-again Christian, then discovered the Motherpeace deck and the women’s spirituality movement when I emerged from

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A Table of Tattwas Elements and Their Correspondences

A Table of Tattwas Elements and Their Correspondences

Hindu name Hindu concept scientific process Western magical name Image and color
Akasa Ether SPIRIT
Vayu Aerial Principle gas AIR
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