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The Woman Who Loved Red Silk

Once there was a merchant who dealt in silks. A woman came by one day, and she admired the lovely cloths, touching them with care.

"Those are the most expensive," he told her. She fingered them wistfully. He named a price. It was indeed a great deal.

"Perhaps next time…" she said. His lips parted–he was about to offer them to her for less, but he closed his mouth in a firm line. No, he thought, to himself, I must get my price. And the moment passed.

"Yes, perhaps next time," he said. He put the cloths away, and she returned to the street.

One secret to strengthening intuition

questionby Paris Finley

The trick here is to turn off the intellect for a moment. Our mind usually likes to have the conscious, self-aware part of itself in charge. That's the part that can read these words (and write them). But for intuition to be given a chance to work, our "in charge" part of the mind has to let go a bit.

Here's a few ways to do that.

It's NOT a 78 card Tarot deck

It's 77.

It's 3 times 7 for the Majors

It's 8 times 7 for the minors

It's 11 times 7 for the deck itself.

And the total is 77 <---Seven, seven

So why do so many persist in saying it's a 78 card deck?

BECAUSE they count The Fool, zero in some Tarot decks or unnumbered in others.

We don't count the Joker in a standard deck of playing cards. It's a 52 card deck, we say, not 53. We don't include the Joker in the count. We shouldn't count The Fool, either. He's unnumbered or zero BECAUSE HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE COUNTED!

If you read more of this post, you'll discover some interesting things about the number seven and the number seventy-seven.

Up to Know Good

I'm working through this marvelous old deck, scanning the images and saving them to files for this website, a task that should be tedious but feels exciting as I see the scans accumulate.

I'm done up to the Chariot. Time to scan another four...maybe I'll stay up tonight to see if I can get through them all.

New project underway

I'm redoing all the scans for the Tarot de Marseille images, replacing the mixed US and French scans from th 1963 deck with scans of the cards from the 1930s Grimaud. Only a few of us "really-into-it" types will care, I know, but I'm hoping to get all the different Grimaud versions of this famous deck scanned, along with their boxes and LWBs as time permits. Obviously, this will take a few years...

Those of you reading this now will be able to say, "I remember when he first started this..."

And while I'm at it, a nod to "Adam W-W" who helped spur me on to tackle this.

Tarot by Paris Journal

The latest edition is available (volume 5 issue 4). You can either download it here or email me at paris@tarotbyparis.com and I'll send you a copy. Email subscribers sometimes get other useful files. The journal is sent as a PDF and it is typically between 2 and 3 megabytes in size because of the photos and card scans.

Carolyn Cushing: Sacred Practices Spread

My friend, Carolyn Cushing, of Art of Change Tarot, has refined her "Sacred Practices Spread / Process" (along with some help from her Gaian Tarot Circle friends, including Della for her work on the Posture-naming of the people cards)

She begins by asking us to separate our cards thusly:

Thinking about The Moon card from the Gaian Tarot

This card from Joanna Powell Colman's Gaian Tarot reminds me of the importance of meditation, moon-watching, moon tracking (I use QuickPhasePro so I know, for example, that my presentation for the Gaian Tarot Circle on March 8th falls on the full moon), scrying, nurturing, working with the unconscious, working with water, traveling t

Tarot calisthenics: The Wheel

dinner plate
the moon (first quarter for this post)
dried sunflowers with snow on them
halo around the sun & moon before the storm
DVDs & CDs
the rim of the cup
the Greenfield rotary at Route 2
car tires
the antique spinning wheel in the store window

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