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Energy Balances & Imbalances of the Major Arcana of The Gaian Tarot - a sampling

Much can be learned by asking, "What is the energy underlying this card?" Even more can be learned by asking, "What happens if there is too much of that energy? or "What happens if there is too little of that energy? By asking these questions, we arrive at a place where we can ask the most important question of all, "What can one do to fix the energy imbalance?"

Gaian Tarot Circle: "Live Call with Guest Teacher Paris Finley on March 8th"

Gaian Tarot users, you're invited to join the Gaian Tarot Circle (www.gaiantarotcircle.com), a private group of readers who use the Gaian Tarot (www.gaiantarot.com).

On March 8th, I'll be doing a live 1 hour presentation at 8 pm for GTC members.

Taking a sampling of the Major Arcana cards from the Gaian Tarot, we'll examine the card as an expression of a balance of the energies in the world. And then we'll go from there.

Link to the blogcast on energy imbalances

A few of you mentioned difficulty finding the broadcast, so here's a link directly to the feed from Divine Whispers/Tarot Tribe:

Paris's blogcast visit with Donnaleigh, talking about energy and Tarot

Tarot in 3 sessions - local workshop announced

Tools for Lifelong Tarot Learning will ground you in Tarot basics as well as give you tools and techniques for your continued exploration of Tarot as a tool for personal development, spiritual exploration, creativity enhancement, and discerning the unfolding patterns of life. Sessions are from 6 - 8pm on the 4th, 11th, and 18th of April; hold the 25th for a weather-event day or extra practice session. Sessions may be taken individually but sign up for the whole series for just $70.

The Man Who Lived in the Cottage

Once there was a man who lived happily in a little house in the village.

How to be a better candle

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Once there was a teacher who lived

The Teacher and the Blue River

Dedicated to Pamela Pieters, Tarot Sister, in honor of her birthday, today, 18 January.

Once there was a teacher who lived in a small town next a great river

The Wish

"May our gift to ourselves this Winter Solstice be the awakening of our most authentic selves." -- CrowsFoxes

The Man Who Dreamed of Bears

Once there was a man who was busy all the time. Because he was so busy, he did everything in a hurry. He shaved in a hurry. He ate in a hurry. He worked in a hurry. And he hurried home at the end of the day to be able to hurry some more, along with his wife, who hurried as much as he did because she felt she had hold up her end of things.

Years and years went by. He got so good at hurrying that he was able to accomplish a great deal. The more he did, the faster he went so that he could do even more, until at last, there was no more time at all, and he hurried through every second of the entire day. At that point, he began to dream of hurrying, too. His nights filled with dreams of hurrying.

In many of these dreams, though, he found himself interrupted in his hurrying by the sudden appearance of a great bear. The bear was as black as shadows, and it always pursued him slowly but purposefully. He ran from the bear, fleeing in and out of dream doors and dream windows and climbing dream stairs and running down dream hallways. At the end of the dream, the bear would chase him up to the dream roof of a dream building where he would be safe. Each dream would end in a different building upon a different roof, but always, the view from the roof would be beautiful. He could see lovely rolling hills and blue skies that felt like a song.

Once he woke, he would always hurry to the bookshelf to see if he could find out what the bear signified, but he never found an explanation. So the hurrying dreams went on, and each night another giant black bear would come and chase him to the rooftop again.

And then he would wake and begin hurrying again. And this went on for years and years until one day, he realized that he was getting old, and he was getting tired, and he just didn't feel like hurrying any more. And he decided to stop.

The next morning, he didn't hurry to shave. In fact, he stopped shaving. "I'll grow a beard," he thought. He didn't hurry to eat. "I'll even chew slowly," he decided. He didn't hurry to work. "I'll retire," he determined. He didn't have to hurry home because he hadn't hurried to work. His wife stopped hurrying because she no longer felt that she had to try to keep up to her husband--why should she? He wasn't hurrying.

His dreams began to be different, too. He found himself walking slowly amidst all the places of all the dreams of his life. He took leisurely strolls, up and down the streets of a huge city of buildings. They were the buildings of his lifetime of dreams, and they stretched out as far as his eyes could see.

And he walked slowly in his days and he walked slowly in his dreams, until finally one night he went to bed and entered the city of buildings again, but this time he strolled among them until his eyes happened to turn upward toward the rooftops.

And there, he beheld the bears, huge black bears, hundreds of them, one upon each dream building, one upon each dream rooftop, sitting and resting and looking off at the lovely rolling hills and blue skies that felt like a song.

Look within for the answer you seek, says The Hermit.
Card illustration: 9 - The Hermit from Joanna Powell Colman's The Gaian Tarot

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